Participants in exhibition

1ADCAP VACUUM TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD.English.gif Japanese.gifWe manufactures vacuum components or systems for research applications.
2Crosslight Software Inc., Japan BranchEnglish.gif Japanese.gifTCAD tools for simulation of semiconductor devices
3EIKO CorporationEnglish.gif Japanese.gifEIKO is a supplier of water-cooling MBE systems.
4ELIONIX INC.English.gif Japanese.gif
5EpiQuest,Inc.English.gif Japanese.gifEpiQuest is the supplier of MBE and MOCVD systems.
6HiSOL, INC.Japanese.gifMachines for research and development.
7MUTSUMI Corporation LTD.Japanese.gif
8Nippon Roper K.K.English.gif Japanese.gifWe are offering spectroscopy, Imaging, X-ray CCD and Spectrometers.
9NTT Advanced Technology Corp.English.gif Japanese.gifSemiconductor process services, GaN epitaxial wafers.
10R-DEC CO., LTD.English.gif Japanese.gifUHV systems & components for surface analysis and thin-film studies.
11SAMCO Inc.English.gif Japanese.gifCVD Systems, Dry Etching Systems and Dry Cleaning Systems.
12Santec CorporationEnglish.gif Japanese.gifSantec continues its technology driven approach to meet the needs of today's growing photonics market.
13Silvaco Japan Co.,Ltd.English.gif Japanese.gifTCAD Software, Process Simulator, Device Simulator.

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