Kyoto City

  • Kyoto City Web (Public Relations Section) : Useful informations for visitors to Kyoto City.
    • Kyoto City Tourism and Culture Information System : Tourism section of Kyoto City.
    • Public transport in Kyoto : Info of bus and subway. How to ride, lines of subway, one-day pass card, etc.
    • Bus Map : We strongly recommend you to print out this map. The city structure of kyoto is a lattice-shaped grid. However, the bus line structure is very complex.
      • The nearest bus stops for Kyoto University is 'Hyakumanben' and 'Kyodai Seimon Mae'.
      • The nearest bus top for Yasaka Shrine is 'Gion', which can be seen in '(5) Higashiyama Area'.

Public Transportations

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