NMDC aims to develop critical assessment of existing work and future directions in nanotechnology research including nanomaterials and fabrications, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, devices, and integration. This conference will bring together key researchers from all over the world and from every sector of academy and industry in the nanotechnology research field, with a special focus on materials and devices.

Conference Topics

  1. Growth and processing technology for nanoelectronics and photonics
    • Growth and processing for nanostructure fabrication
    • Quantum dots, nanotubes, and nanowires
    • Carbon nanotube, graphene and carbon-related nano structures
    • Structural characterization of nanostructures
    • Optical, electric, and mechancial characterization and device applications
  2. CMOS and related nano-technology
    • Advanced FETs with conventional and novel architecture including multiple-gate devices and novel channel materials aiming at application to Si LSI platform
    • Device physics of Advanced CMOS including quantum effects, nonequilibrium and ballistic transport
    • Nanometer scale process technologies including formations of nanostructures, heterostructures, ultra shallow junctions, advanced gate stacks and nanopatterning for realizing advanced CMOS
    • Novel nano wire and nano wall FETs using new channel materials for beyond Si CMOS technologies
  3. Quantum devices and physics
    • Heterostructures, nanowires, quantum dots, and other novel material systems
    • Transport and optical properties of low-dimensional systems
    • Coherent phenomena in low-dimensional structures (electronic, magnetic, and superconducting properties, etc.)
    • Quantum carrier dynamics in ultrasmall structures and devices
  4. Nano-photonics and optical devices
    • Photonic Crystals
    • Photonic Nanowires
    • Silicon Nanophotonics
    • Nano Emitters
    • Sub-Wavelength Devices
    • Plasmonics
    • Metamaterials
  5. Molecular electronics and bio devices
    • molecular electronics
    • organic EL, TFT, and photovoltaic devices
    • chemical and bio sensors
    • Bio application and micro-TAS
    • Printable electronics; nanomaterials and processings
    • Synthesis and characterization of organic nanomaterials
    • organic-inorganic hybrid systems
  6. Nano magnetic materials and spin devices
    • magnetic materials (semiconductor, metal, oxide, etc.)
    • magnetic nano-structures
    • spin-dependent transport (GMR, TMR, spin injection etc )
    • spin-torque effect and its applications
    • nanotechnology for magnetic storage
  7. Nanomechanics, nanoprobing and applications
    • MEMS/NEMS materials and characterization
    • Nanomaterials and applications
    • Optical and RF MEMS/NEMS
    • Bio MEMS and micro fluidity
    • Nanoprobing technology
    • Characterization and control by nanoprobing
  8. GaN-related semiconductors and devices
    • Nitride-based thin films and heterostructures including quantum wells
    • Electronic and optical devices
    • Electronic and optical properties
    • Fabrication and properties of nitride-based nanostructures
    • New functional nano-scale nitride-devices
    • Other wide-gap materials and devices (SiC, diamond etc.)
  9. Oxide semiconductors and nanomaterials
    • Nanorods (nanowires), nanotube and nanocrystals of oxide materials
    • Transparent Oxide Electronics
    • Active electronic and optical devices
    • Low dimensional quantum system and quantum devices
    • Sensors by using of oxide semiconductors and nanomaterials (e.g. bio sensors, chemical sensors)
    • Theoretical analysis and design for oxide nanomaterials

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