Visa Info

If you are planning to attend this conference and are required to get a visa to enter Japan, please begin your action immediately according to the following steps. Late action may cause your failure in visa acquisition.

  1. Ask nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate by yourself to confirm the materials required for your visa application.
  2. Fill out the document attached to this e-mail.
  3. Send me the filled document. Firstly, send an unsigned version by e-mail, and then send a signed one by FAX (+81-3-5841-6828). In addition, let me know the materials we have to prepare for you.
  4. You are requested to complete your registration for the conference in advance including the payment procedure through the web site. In case that your visa application will not be accepted, the registration fee will be refunded without any commission.

If you have any inquiries, please contact the following address.

nmdc2008 Secretary
Takao Someya
Department of Applied Physics School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo
email :


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